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Effects of Meditation on the Brain for Seniors

Do you like to meditate? You can meditate in lots of different ways – like sitting down for 30 minutes of deliberate mindfulness or achieving a meditative state while reading, gardening or doing another absorbing activity. And it isn’t just good for relaxation and spiritual health. The science shows that meditation can have measurable material effects on the health of your brain, too.

If you’re interested in promoting cognitive health while enjoying your free time, keep reading. We’ll provide key facts on meditation and the brain and give some guidance on ways you can try meditating at home.

What are the Effects of Meditation on the Brain?

Science has shown a remarkable diversity in the positive effects of meditation on the mind – both physical and emotional. Here’s just a few of the ways it can help you:

  • Reduced stress. Long-term meditators were found to have more gray matter within their hippocampal complex – which scientists think might be attributed to the stress-fighting effects of meditation. And that reduction in stress also means that mindfulness is a good addition to any cardiac health plan.
  • Better memory. Mindfulness and meditation practices have proven links to cognition and memory. Similar studies point to other effects – like better emotional regulation, more empathy and stronger sense of self-actualization.
  • More sleep. Practicing mindfulness meditation helps you feel relaxed – and that relaxation can help you get more and better sleep. And that can have a huge impact on your mood and general affect toward daily life.

Generally, the best results were found in people who practiced mindfulness meditation for 30 minutes each day for eight weeks. But how does meditation alter the brain? Scientists have some theories – but, as with anything related to the brain, it’s hard to arrive at a concrete answer. Regardless of how it works, it helps to think of your brain like you would a muscle. If you train it and maintain it, it will treat you well.

How Do Seniors Meditate at Home?

There’s an almost unlimited number of guided mindfulness lessons to watch online. To get you started, we handpicked a few meditation videos from YouTube.

Try this quick 5-minute meditation the next time you have 5 minutes and a calm, quiet space to relax in. These breathing exercises are easy, simple and sure to be relaxing.

This brief mindful breathing exercise is designed for fighting worrying thoughts and anchoring you to the present moment. Let Dr. Christiane Wolf, Mindfulness and Insight Medication Teacher at InsightLA, lead you in a quick session targeted toward reducing stress and anxiety.

Hear the calming voice of Dr. David Bullard as he leads you in a brief, positive mindfulness meditation. He’ll help you find new ways to feel affirmed, comfortable and relaxed.

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